马尼拉水 资料私隐声明及政策


马尼拉水务公司. 及其附属公司(“365买球靠谱”)承诺保护客户的个人信息隐私, 员工, or any other individuals in connection with the water, 365买球靠谱根据2012年数据隐私法提供的水和卫生服务.


This Privacy Policy will help our customers and relevant stake持有ers understand: (i) what Personal Information we collect; (ii) how we collect, 持有, use and disclose that information; and (iii) the purposes of such collection, 持有, 使用和披露.

To what does this Privacy Policy apply?


This Policy does not apply to any website, 任何第三方组织的产品或服务,即使该网站链接到(或从)365买球靠谱的网站. 在决定是否提供任何信息之前,请始终查看任何第三方机构的隐私惯例.

By using our 服务, you accept the practices described in this Policy. Continued use of our 服务 will signify your acceptance of this Policy.

What information do we collect and process?

When you apply for and/or use our 服务, we collect your Personal Information.

术语“个人信息”, 如本政策所述, 指所拥有的任何数据(无论是单独的数据还是与其他信息相关联的数据), or likely to come into the possession of the Company, that can be used to identify a specific living person.

Your Personal Information we collect and process includes:

  • 个人信息,比如你的名字, address (包括 nearest landmarks), 详细联系方式, 和签名;
  • 与您的马尼拉水务客户帐户有关的个人资料,例如您的客户帐户号码,
  • 敏感的个人资料,例如你的政府签发的身份证号码(e.g. SSS, TIN等.), which we use for identity verification purposes.  如果你是老年人 , 365买球靠谱收集你的OSCA/DSWD身份证,以确定你是否有资格申请长者折扣.

Why do we collect your Personal Information?

We collect your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • 用作评估你的申请是否符合新供水/污水处理服务申请的要求的依据;
  • 取得政府所需的许可证,以安装新的供水/污水渠接驳设施;
  • 透过水务服务供应商安装所需的新供水系统;
  • To create, administer and maintain your customer account with the Company;
  • To be used as reference for communication related to the application process, consumption and billing and other related services.;
  • 使公司能够响应服务、账单和其他客户关注的问题;
  • To be used in continually improving the Company’s 服务;
  • To comply with government and other regulatory requirements; and
  • To establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.

How do we collect your information?


具体地说, 365买球靠谱透过你的新供水服务接驳申请表收集你的个人资料, 您向365买球靠谱提交的或经您授权365买球靠谱获得的载有您个人信息的文件和表格, and through physical or electronic communication with Company representatives. 如果你是老年人, we also collect information through your Senior Citizen Discount Application Form. We also collect information when you communicate with us through mail, 电话, 电子邮件, 传真, social media platforms such as website, 脸谱网, twitter and/or other means of communication chosen and utilized by the Company.

To whom do we disclose your Personal Information?

Subject to the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), 如果你同意, 365买球靠谱可以分享, 保存, 转移, and disclose your Personal Information to the following:

  • Third party suppliers and service providers that help us provide our 服务, to the extent needed to perform their duties and their functions; and
  • 政府当局和可能对该等信息有合法权益的实体, in response to a legal request such as a search warrant, 法院命令或传票, if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so under the law.

Your Personal Information will be shared for the following purposes:

  • To install your new water or sewer service connection;
  • To perform meter reading and billing services;
  • To communicate and to respond to service, billing, and other customer concerns;
  • 进行数据收集和分析,以持续改进公司的服务;
  • To conduct company audits or investigate a complaint or security threat;
  • To carry out digitization and storage processes;
  • 响应执法机关或其他政府监管机构的要求;
  • To comply with government and other regulatory requirements;

To facilitate the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.

What are your rights as a data subject?

作为数据主体,其个人信息已经并将由365买球靠谱收集和处理, you are entitled to the following rights, 根据《365买球靠谱》第16条, and Section 34 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations:

  1. 知情权
  2. 反对权
  3. 存取权
  4. 整改权
  5. 删除或阻止的权利
  6. 获得损害赔偿的权利

No Personal Information shall be collected without your consent. If you wish to withdraw consent to the collection of your Personal Information, kindly give us reasonable notice to allow time to cease any and all processing.

In the event that you refuse to give consent, your Personal Information shall no longer be processed, 除非:

  • The Personal Information is needed pursuant to a subpoena;
  • The collection and processing are for obvious purposes, 包括, when it is necessary for the performance of or in relation to a contract or service to which the customer is a party; or
  • The information is being collected and processed as a result of a legal obligation.

Any information to be provided by you shall always be in clear and plain language, to ensure that the information is easy to understand and access.

Why do we retain your personal information?

We have a variety of obligations to retain the Data that you provide to us, 包括但不限于:(a)确保交易能够妥善处理, settled or refunded; (b) helping identify fraud; and (c) complying with anti-money laundering and other laws and rules that apply to us and to our financial service providers. 365买球靠谱的数据库和其他记录中可能还会保留残留数据, 哪些不会被移除.


您向365买球靠谱提供的个人信息将以安全的方式处理或丢弃,以防止进一步处理, 未经授权的访问, 或向任何其他方披露, or prejudice the interests of our customers.

How do we protect your personal information?

365买球靠谱使用合理的组织, 365买球靠谱为保护您的个人信息而采取的技术和行政措施包括但不限于:

  1. Employee Data Security Awareness and Training. This is a basic required training program for all new 员工. 除了, 特别为处理涉及客户个人资料的单位提供进修课程.
  2. 访问管理. 365买球靠谱严格管理用户访问,定期检查和提示更改密码.
  3. 数据共享合同. 当需要向服务提供商和合作伙伴共享个人信息时, 这种特权在合同中明确定义,该合同规定了数据共享的条件, 使用的限制, and the diligence required for its storage.
  4. 物理存储. 所有包含您个人信息的纸质文件均保存在上锁的文件柜和/或第三方服务提供商维护的安全仓库中,而数字/电子文件保存在安全的云存储和公司提供和安装的现场计算机中.
  5. 监察保安漏洞. The Company monitors its information systems for security breaches.

不幸的是,没有数据传输或存储系统可以保证100%的安全. 如果客户有理由相信他与365买球靠谱的交互不再安全(例如, if the customer feels that the security of his account has been compromised), please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) immediately. His 详细联系方式 are provided below.




如果您对本隐私政策有任何问题或建议,或希望查阅或更正您的个人信息, or if you have any complaints regarding our privacy practices, you may reach our DPO on the following information :

办公室地址: MWSS, Administration Building, 489 Katipunan Road, Balara QC
联系电话:  9175900 local 1501
电子邮件地址: dpo manilawater(在).com

请注意, 作为请求方, 是否必须支付365买球靠谱为提供所要求的资料而产生的合理成本及开支.

Because email communications are not always secure, 请不要提供信用卡或其他敏感数据(如种族或民族出身), 政治观点, 宗教, 健康, 或类似)发送给365买球靠谱的电子邮件.